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Over 100 years of hotel history ...

... From the Löwenbräu brewery to the first-class hotel

  • In 1863, Leopold Eble built the Löwenbräu beer brewery, the foundation walls of today's main building. At the same time, the station in Tiengen would be put into operation this year.

  • 1911 Lease to Josef Bercher - Train-Restaurant "zum Löwenbräu", a fertilizer trading company was run in the economy building.

  • 1921 Purchase of the estate by Josef Bercher with simultaneous installation of guest rooms.

  • 1923 Installation of a cinema.

  • 1940 Takeover by the kitchen master Ludwig Bercher.

  • 1953 Task of fertilizer trading and installation of new guest rooms in the economy building.

  • 1968 Conversion and extension of the main house, installation of modern hotel rooms. Take over by the master chef Erich Bercher with a new name Hotel Bercher.

  • 1977 Destruction by fire with reconstruction.

  • 1980 New building of the castle hall.

  • 1986 Cultivation of the hotel lobby.

  • 1990 Construction of the hotel bar Vis á Vis.

  • 1994 building a new hotel facade with mansard roof.

  • 2005 Expansion of the south building with building construction and room enlargement

  • 2008 Takeover by daughter Andrea Maier-Bercher and your husband Matthias Maier.

  • 2010 Obtaining the fourth hotel star for the first class hotel.

  • 2011 New construction of the "Wellness-Stuben". Separate building with sauna oasis, relaxation room, fitness room, beauty and spa area and hotel rooms. With underground connection to the main building.

  • 2015 New building of new far-view premium rooms / suite on the 4th floor, as well as balcony and facade renovation south and west side of the hotel building.

  • 2017 again room conversion. From 4 standard single rooms arise 3 larger, completely new comfort single rooms

  • 2017 All rooms, which do not have air-conditioning, will be equipped with one in the spring. That is, in summer 2017 all our hotel rooms have air conditioning.